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Housing service

Newsec Kodisto / Asuntopalvelu
Mannerheiminaukio 1 A, PL 52
00101 Helsinki
telephone: 010 389 6000
e-mail address: asunnot@newsec.fi
WWW: asukas.kodisto.fi
Asuntovuokraus: asunnot@newsec.fi Vuokranmaksuasiat: vuokrahallinto@newsec.fi

Customer service for housing management

Newsec Kodisto
Mannerheiminaukio 1 A, PL 52
00101 Helsinki
telephone: 010 389 6002
e-mail address: isannointi@newsec.fi
WWW: asukas.kodisto.fi


Outdoor area maintenance

Property maintenance

Kiinteistöhuolto A. Vänskä Oy
Talvikkitie 32 B
01300 VANTAA
telephone 1: (09) 873 1617
telephone 2: 0400 487 337
e-mail address: info@xn--vnsk-load.fi
WWW: vänskä.fi/
Toimisto puh. 09 873 1617 arkisin klo 9-15 Päivystys 24/7 0400 487 337

The list shows only available parking spaces. As a resident of the house, you can make a  request for reservation by pressing the button.

The request goes to the maintenance company. The maintenance company is in contact with you and makes a reservation.

If there are no available parking spaces at this time, please list yourself in the queue request button.

Request to queue
Number Type Heating Reserve
40 Outdoor parking Yes Available 30.04.2023 Request for reservation
Reserved places: 52
  • Järjestyssäännöt
  • 1H+KT 35,5m2 (U53 U57)

  • 1H+KT 35,5m2 (U54 U58)

  • 1H+KT 36,5m2 (P35 P37 P39 P41 P42)

  • 1H+KT 36,5m2 (P36 P38 P40 P43)

  • 2H+KT+S 43,5m2 (N26 O28)

  • 2H+KT+S 43,5m2 (P29 P30 R45 S47 T49 V61 X63 Y65)

  • 2H+KT+S 43,5m2 (R44 S46 T48 V62 X64 Y66)

  • 2H+KT+S 45m2 (A2 B4 D8 E10)

  • 2H+KT+S 45m2 (C5 F11)

  • 2H+KT+S 45m2 (G14 H16 K20 L22)

  • 2H+KT+S 45m2 (J17 M23)

  • 3H+KT+S 62m2 (A1 B3 D7 E9)

  • 3H+KT+S 62m2 (G13 H15 K19 L21)

  • 3H+KT+S 63m2 (U51 U56 U60)

  • 3H+KT+S 64,5m2 (P31 P33)

  • 3H+KT+S 64,5m2 (P32 P34)

  • 4H+KT+S 74m2 (C6 F12)

  • 4H+KT+S 74m2 (J18 M24)

  • 4H+KT+S 77,5m2 (N25 O27)

  • 4H+KT+S 82m2 (U50 U55 U59)

  • 5H+KT+S 88,5m2 (U 52)